16-20 April 2025
Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek

7th InternatIonal Poultry Meat Congress Speakers and Speech TopIcs

Dear DIstInguIshed Stakeholders of the Poultry Meat Industry and FrIends,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 7th International Poultry Meat Congress (UBEK-7) traditionally organised every 2 years by BESD-BIR, Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders Association of Türkiye, will be held from April 16-20, 2025 at Titanic Delux Golf Hotel, Antalya, Türkiye. As BESDBİR, we would like to thank you for the interest and support you have shown so far in our Poultry Meat Congress, which we started in 2011 and turned into an important brand on the international platform together with you, our valuable sector stakeholders.

The Conference is one of the most influential gatherings of their kind connecting the science and the industry in the World, covering most of the topics, It provides a unique opportunity to present scientific and technical achievements in poultry meat fields to get new information in science having direct impact from lectures and discussions with leading poultry scientist in very new area of poultry meat science and the industry. The 6th International Poultry Meat Congress (UBEK-6) achieved a significant success with the participation of approximately 1000 people from 32 countries, including veterinarians, agricultural and food engineers, medical doctors, poultry research scientists and practitioners. At the 6th Congress, the main theme was sustainability, the leading scientists and industry experts in their fields discussed risks and solution suggestions as well as scientific and technological developments and conveyed very valuable information for the poultry meat industry.

Now, together with our organization and scientific committee, we will continue from where we left off and we started preparations with a strong motivation to raise the congress to the highest levels. Our ambition is to welcome you with highly advanced contents in the 7th UBEK in 2025, in Antalya, one of the most beautiful mediterranean cities.

Many issues threaten food security, such as increasing world population, global warming, environmental pollution, crises due to regional wars, waste, unbalanced income distribution etc. Although it has the largest share in the global food supply and people’s nutrition, reaching 142 million tons at the global level (FAO, 2023), the Poultry Meat Industry has serious difficulties in increasing and sustaining this contribution. In this sense, the effective use of resources without wasting them becomes especially important. Therefore, our 7th congress will be based on the theme of smart farming and use of renewable energy resources by taking efficient production models, disease control, product quality and effective resource use into account to improve sustainability.

Türkiye’s poultry meat industry has continued to grow in the last 10 years and has increased its production to 2.38 million tons and exports to 526 thousand tons, making a significant contribution to people’s secure access to food not only for our country but also on a global scale. We believe that in order to keep this contribution and growth with a high quality standard, it is necessary to share knowledge and experience among sector stakeholders and that our congress fulfills an important mission in this regard. In the spring of 2025, We, BESD-BİR and the organising committee, have the great pleasure to invite you for the 7th UBEK in Antalya, to take the steps that will benefit the sector together in order to contribute more to humanity. Many thanks to all of those who will contribute and join us for making the congress possible.

We wish you healthy days and success with the most sincere feelings..

Naci Kaplan
President of the BESD-BİR
Prof. Dr. Necmettin CEYLAN
Chairman of the Congress
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