1-5 March 2023
Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek

6th InternatIonal Poultry Meat Congress Speakers and Speech TopIcs

Dear DIstInguIshed Stakeholders of the Poultry Meat Industry and FrIends,

We are happy and excited to announce that the 6th International Poultry Meat Congress (UBEK-6), which has been postponed for about 2 years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be held at 1-5 March 2023 in Antalya Titanic Deluxe Hotel. We are proud and happy to held our congress in 2023 in harmony with the 100th anniversary of The Republic of Turkey and the 30th anniversary of The Turkish Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders Association (BESD-BİR).

We, as BESD-BIR, would like to thank to you and to our honorable stakeholders for the interest and for the support that shown to our Poultry Meat Congress which we started to organize in 2011 and become an important brand on the international platform, together with you.

The 5th (UBEK-5) achieved an important success with the participation of approximately 1.500 attendees from 32 countries, including both poultry research scientists and practitioners, leading speakers from across the world. The leading scientists and experts shared with us the latest technological and scientific developments applied in the world and made very valuable contributions to the poultry meat industry.

Now, we will continue from where we left off and we started preparations with a strong motivation to raise the congress up to higher levels. Our ambition is to welcome you with highly advanced contents in the 6th UBEK in 2023.  in Antalya which one of the most beautiful mediterranean cities.

All countries that have been exposed to the disruption of global trade, continued to population growth, and the negative effects of climate change on agriculture during the Covid 19 pandemic in the world, we have better understood the importance of agriculture and food safety. Just after this period, the war between Russia and Ukraine affects our life in a way that causes very important risks and problems for all humanity, and changed our perspective on the future.

In the new world order, sustainable production and efficiency, self-sufficiency, local production and logistics service have become the most valuable issues for the poultry meat sector as well as for all sectors. In particular, excessively rising commodity prices and supply problems are the most important risks that will negatively affect production, and there is a need to develop alternative and different strategies. In the light of these determinations. As poultry producers, with a proactive approach, it is essential that we must prepare for the new normal and the for what future will bring. At the 6th UBEK, as the first preparation for this period, we will plan our own roadmap by discussing the worldwide challenges, the solutions and the new visions.

Turkey’s poultry meat production increased by 39% from 1.6 million tons to 2. 3 million tons in a short period of 10 years (2011-2021) and exports increased by 154 % from 248 thousand tons to 632 thousand tons. It is clear that the Turkish Poultry Meat Industry makes valuable contributions to healthy, adequate and stable food supply, not only for people living in Turkey but also for people living in other countries.

In the first week of the spring of 2023, we have the great pleasure to invite you for the 6th UBEK in Antalya, to take the steps that will benefit the sector together in order to contribute more to the humanity. Many thanks to all of those who will contribute and join us for making the congress possible.

We wish you healthy days and success with the most sincere feelings.

Naci Kaplan
President of the BESD-BİR
Prof. Dr. Necmettin CEYLAN
Chairman of the Congress
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