Zekeriya Yıldırım

(Cobb-Vantress Turkey)

Management of troubleshooting hatchery problems in practice

He was born in Elazığ, 1956. He earned his bachelor’s degree in animal science  of agricultural faculty at the University of Ankara.  His doctoral research focused on comparing some domestic and foreign commercial layers in point of many production traits while his master thesis analyzed persistency of lactation for the local black cattle at the same University. He worked as a research assistant while he was attending Ph. D. study and  then as an assist. prof. at the University of Uludag, was teaching statistic and poultry courses.  Prior to joining Cobb which is one of the most important  broiler breeder companies he worked  for 15 years for Euribrid – Holland  as production and technical manager at the grand parent stock facilities in Turkey.  Since 2007, he have been working  in Cobb Turkey, as head of technical  support and production department. He has lots  of published articles, papers   about broiler breeder management and hatchery practices. And he has been continuing  to  share his 30 years experience  participating  local and international events  as a poultry technician.