Dr. Rick A. van Emous

(Livestock Research, Department of Animal Sciences, Wageningen University, the Netherlands)

Protein nutrition of broiler breeder to improve performance, hatchability and offspring performance

After graduating Faculty of Agricultural, in September, 1985 Rikkert Aalt van Emous entered University of Applied Sciences (CAH) in Dronten to continue his studies. In February 1990, he graduated as a professional Bachelor in Animal Production. He accepted a temporary job as Research Assistant for two years at the Center for Research and Extension for Poultry (COVP) ‘Spelderholt’ in Beekbergen, working on a project to reduce the ammonia emission in broiler houses. Thereafter he joined Cobb-Europe in Putten as a technical-commercial adviser. After a short-term job at MOBA in Barneveld, he returned to the Applied Poultry Research ‘Spelderholt’ in Beekbergen in the beginning of 1998. Here he worked intensively with laying hens in relation to alternative housing systems. From 2003 onwards, he joined more and more projects with broiler breeders. He introduced a new housing system for broilers breeders (‘Quality Time’; whereby females and males are separated for several hours during the day). This innovative system was introduced to improve mating behavior and as a consequence fertility. In November 2010, he started his PhD (Feeding the modern broiler breeder) at the Animal Nutrition Group of Wageningen University and finished it at 6th February 2015. At present, Rick is working for Wageningen Livestock Research in Wageningen.