Prof. Dr. Necmettin Ceylan

(Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara University, Turkey)

Updates in Ca and P Requirements of Broiler Chickens

Necmettin Ceylan is currently a Professor at the Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University, Turkey. He received both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Ankara University.
He conducted laying hen researches during his stay at University of Nebraska, USA between years 1996-1998 as post doc. He is member of member of Working Group 2 (Nutrition) of WPSA and Association of Scientific Animal Nutrition.
His researches in poultry nutrition actively involved in applied nutrition trials of broilers and laying hens including feed ingredients and feed additives such as amino acids, minerals and bioactive supplements, exogenous enzymes, organic acids related to growth, performance, gut health and meat and egg quality.  He has published over 15 peer reviewed papers, over 40 published articles and 30 abstracts in national and international conferences and meetings.