of.Dr.Zehava UNİ

(The Robert H Smith Faculty of Agriculture ,The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

ANutritional modulation of broiler intestine in starter period and intestinal integrity

Born and live in Israel. Attained Masters and Doctoral degrees from the Hebrew University in poultry immunogenetics followed by post-doctoral work at the Cornell Veterinary school. Currently, hold the position of a professor and head of the Animal Science department at the Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University. Research actively involved in poultry nutrition: Morphological, molecular and functional development of the small intestine, Feeding before hatch— in ovo feeding for early development of the intestine and for supporting nutritional status of the hatchlings; Modulating microflora in the chicken intestine; Taste receptors in the gastrointestinal tract; Nutritional viewpoints of the developing embryo during incubation- nutrients and micronutrients in the yolk and albumen and their consumption by the broiler embryo,  yolk membrane as a digestive system ; Influence of feed and specific nutrients on the integrity and functional capability of the gut epithelium. Has pioneering research contribution to digestive physiology of the young animal. Supervised over 35 MSc and PhD students. Adjunct-professor in the department of Poultry Science, North Carolina State University. Published over 80 peer reviewed papers, 5 reviews, 5 chapters in books and 60 abstracts in international poultry science conferences and meetings. Served as an Associate Editor, Metabolism and Nutrition section, for Poultry Science Journal (2003-2007). Member of board of the Israeli Poultry Science Branch (2001-2015). Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Poultry Nutrition group (since 2007). Vise president of the world poultry science association (since 2016). Has two issued patents for in-ovo feeding concept and method.