Prof. Dr. Mustafa Metin Donma

(Namık Kemal University,Faculty of Medicine, Turkey)

Effects of childhood nutrition on subsequent adult obesity and cardiovascular diseases; effects of poultry meat

Diploma  in  Medicine (MD): 1982; Specialty Degree in Pediatrics: 1991;Assoc. Prof. Dr. in Pediatrics, Hacettepe University: 2002; Professor in Pediatrics,  Namık Kemal University Medical  Faculty: 2011-
He has many grants and awards such as; Grant, Trondheim, Norway, 1992, Ministry of Health, Scientific Research Award, 1992;Certificate of Acknowledgement, Istanbul Governorship, Directorship of Health, 2006; International Scientific Publication Awards: 1994-2010 (16 times);The First Grade in Scientific Research and Performance, 2007, 2008, 2009.;First Grade in Scientific Research and Performance, Namik Kemal University-2015. He has been involved many activities in many countries as invited  researcher;(Bergen, Norway, 1992;New York, USA, 2001;Washington DC, USA, 2003;Birmingham, UK, 2009;London, UK, 2015;London, UK, Sept., 2016)
Membership of Advisory Committee, Project of  Smoke Free Istanbul,Turkish Green Crescent Association ;Membership of Committee, Province Committee on Healthy Nutrition and Active Life,  Istanbul Thirty, Editors, Editorial Board & Memberships of Advisory Committees and Scientific Boards in International Journals
He has three hundred scientific articles and congress presentations in addition to 3 books
Two hundred  citations in SCI and international scientific web sites.His biography is  listed in “WHO’S WHO  in the  WORLD (USA)”, “WHO’S WHO in MEDICINE and HEALTH  CARE”  and International Reference Books