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2nd International Pourltry Meat Congress Photos

Welcome to the web page of 2nd International Poultry Meat Congress.

We, Turkish Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders Association and Healthy Chicken Information Platform have realized the 2nd International Poultry Meat Congress at Antalya- Türkiye between the dates of 24-28 April 2013.

The 2nd International Poultry Meat Congress had a very significant mission; our sector would have the opportunity to share and spread the science and technology and to integrate with the world more powerfully and we hosted approximately 900 participants consisting of leading companies of the sector from many countries, representatives of associations and unions and science people. The total number of our hosts exceed 1300 people with their spouses and children.

Sector stake holders and science people meet up at our congress that is held in Kremlin Palace and Topkapı Place hotels in Antalya and introduced and discussed all the problems and innovations of the poultry sector. Many invited expert local and foreign science people have presented communiqués in our Congress at which poultry meat production has been discussed in all aspects from farm to table. Our sector representatives and stakeholders have been informed about related topics by the communiqués of local and foreign science people who are acknowledged experts and new developments and approaches have been examined.

The 2nd International Poultry Meat Congress has been accomplished successfully by its content of 22 meetings, 65 communiqués and 60 poster presentations in 3 different saloons by science people from both our country and 13 different countries and becomes a candidate to be a serious and high quality international congress. The occupancy of the saloons was the most significant indicator that proves the congress achieved its objective. In our congress 30 company and institution stands have been included as an example of successful cooperation and solidarity of our stakeholders of our sector.

We wish to come together with your esteem parties and all of our stakeholders at the 3rd International Poultry Meat Congress that we are planning to hold in the first half of 2015. 

Sincerely yours

Dr.Sait KOCA
Besd-Bir Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
Prof. Dr. Necmettin CEYLAN
Kongre Başkanı

Congress Booklet

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1st International Pourltry Meat Congress

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